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Ten Tips for Coding Excel VBA Macros

Ten Tips for Coding Excel VBA Macros Ten rational proposals to cause coding To exceed expectations VBA quicker and simpler. These tips depend on Excel 2010 (however they work in about all adaptations) and many were roused by the OReilly book Excel 2010 - The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald. 1 - Always test your macros in an expendable test spreadsheet, typically a duplicate of one that its intended to work with. Fix doesnt work with macros, so in the event that you code a large scale that folds, shafts, and ravages your spreadsheet, youre outta karma except if you have followed this tip. 2 - Using easy route keys can be perilous in light of the fact that Excel doesn’t caution you on the off chance that you pick an alternate way key that Excel is as of now utilizing. On the off chance that this occurs, Excel utilizes the alternate way key for the large scale, not the implicit easy route key. Consider how shocked your supervisor will be the point at which he stacks your large scale and afterward Ctrl-C adds an irregular number to a large portion of the cells in his spreadsheet. Matthew MacDonald makes this recommendation in Excel 2010 - The Missing Manual. Here are some basic key blends that you ought to never dole out to full scale easy routes since individuals use them too much of the time: CtrlS (Save)CtrlP (Print)CtrlO (Open)CtrlN (New)CtrlX (Exit)CtrlZ (Undo)CtrlY (Redo/Repeat)CtrlC (Copy)CtrlX (Cut)CtrlV (Paste) To maintain a strategic distance from issues, consistently use CtrlShiftletter full scale key blends, in light of the fact that these mixes are considerably less normal than the Ctrlletter alternate route keys. Also, if you’re in question, don’t dole out an alternate route key when you make another, untested large scale. 3 - Cant recall Alt-F8 (the default large scale alternate way)? Do the names make no difference to you? Since Excel will make macros in any opened exercise manual accessible to each other exercise manual that’s presently open, the easy route is to construct your own full scale library with the entirety of your macros in a different exercise manual. Open that exercise manual alongside your different spreadsheets. As Matthew puts it, Imagine you’re altering an exercise manual named SalesReport.xlsx, and you open another exercise manual named MyMacroCollection.xlsm, which contains a couple of helpful macros. You can utilize the macros contained in MyMacroCollection.xlsm with SalesReport.xlsx easily. Matthew says this plan makes it simple to share and reuse macros across exercise manuals (and between various individuals). 4 - And consider adding catches to connection to the macros in the worksheet that contains your full scale library. You can mastermind the catches in any practical groupings that sound good to you and add text to the worksheet to clarify what they do. Youll never wonder what an obscurely named large scale really does again. 5 - Microsofts new full scale security design has been improved a great deal, yet its significantly progressively helpful to advise Excel to confide in the documents in specific organizers on your PC (or on different PCs). Pick a particular organizer on your hard drive as a confided in area. On the off chance that you open an exercise manual put away in this area, it’s consequently trusted. 6 - When youre coding a full scale, dont attempt to incorporate cell determination with the large scale. Rather, accept that the cells that the full scale will utilize have been pre-chosen. Its simple for you to drag the mouse over the cells to choose them. Coding a large scale that is adaptable enough to do something very similar is probably going to be brimming with bugs and difficult to program. In the event that you need to program anything, attempt to make sense of how to compose approval code to check whether a fitting choice has been made in the large scale. 7 - You may believe that Excel runs a large scale against the exercise manual that contains the full scale code, however this isn’t in every case valid. Exceed expectations runs the full scale in the dynamic exercise manual. That is the exercise manual that you took a gander at most as of late. As Matthew clarifies it, If you have two exercise manuals open and you utilize the Windows taskbar to change to the subsequent exercise manual, and afterward back to the Visual Basic editorial manager, Excel runs the large scale on the subsequent exercise manual. 8 - Matthew recommends that, For simpler full scale coding, attempt to organize your windows so you can see the Excel window and the Visual Basic editorial manager window simultaneously, one next to the other. Yet, Excel wont do it, (Arrange All on the View menu just orchestrates the Workbooks. Visual Basic is viewed as an alternate application window by Excel.) But Windows will. In Vista, close everything except the two you need to organize and right-click the Taskbar; select Show Windows Side by Side. In Windows 7, utilize the Snap highlight. (Quest online for Windows 7 highlights Snap for guidelines.) 9 - Matthews top tip: Many developers find long strolls on the sea shore or swallowing a container of Mountain Dew a supportive method to clear their heads. What's more, obviously, the mother of all VBA tips: 10 - The main thing to attempt when you cannot think about the announcements or catchphrases you need in your program code is to turn on the large scale recorder and do a lot of activities that appear to be comparable. At that point analyze the produced code. It wont consistently direct you toward the proper thing, yet it regularly does. At any rate, it will give you a spot to begin looking. Source MacDonald, Matthew. Exceed expectations 2010: The Missing Manual. 1 release, OReilly Media, July 4, 2010.

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Analysis of statement that “acquiring foreign companies creates shareholder wealth and helps reduce many risks” Essay

The above articulation talks about hazard decrease as an advantage of acquisitions.â I will part the announcement into two sections; one that examines the decrease of dangers through acquisitions, and the other which clarifies the formation of investor riches through acquisitions.â The initial segment of this announcement can be clarified through the different types of hazard that are diminished due to acquisitions.â One significant hazard that is decreased through acquisitions is the hazard from contenders, through procuring a reasonable market share.â It is hard for firms which contribute through greenfield methodologies to pull in customers from the current contenders. This is on the grounds that another firm needs to demonstrate its presentation to customers before it can effectively pull in customers from the present competitors.â This is a move that requires significant investment, since the customers need to break down the results of new firms before the firm can pick up the vital generosity to draw in new clients.â However, acquisitions empower firms to utilize the altruism of the firm that has been procured to hold the current customers or portion of the market.â The market relates the new firm, for this situation TPS Connection Plc, with the brand name of the firm that has been gained, and in the event that it had great generosity, the new firm will have less issues in holding the current customers, just as pulling in new customers from the contenders. A case of a firm that has experienced an effective obtaining process and delighted in this advantage is Tata Steel of India, which gained Corus of Netherlands.â Before doing what needs to be done, Tata Steel Company needed to experience a long and expensive procedure of offering, which was assessed to cost about $13.7 billion.â However, this procedure paid off after Tata steel profited by in addition to other things, the piece of the pie of Corus Company.â indeed, after the procurement, Tata steel moved from being the fifty-6th maker of steel universally, to the fifth position (ICFAI Center for Management Research 2007: 8). The second hazard that is decreased through acquisitions identifies with the appropriation channels.â another firm needs to make new dispersion channels that are powerful enough to increase a portion of the market.â This is trying since the current contenders as of now utilize the best dissemination channels available.â another firm faces the danger of decrease of deals because of mediocre conveyance channels.â However, acquisitions empower new firms to utilize the previously existing circulation channels of the firm that has been acquired.â This empowers the new firm, for this situation, TPS Connection Plc to infiltrate the market all the more effectively using the current conveyance channels of the firm that has been acquired.â The Tata Steel securing that has been talked about above profited Tata from Corus’ European dissemination channels, and this is among the variables that made it increase a huge portion of the market. The third hazard that can be scaled down through acquisitions identifies with the expenses of market research.â another organization needs to successfully contemplate the market it is infiltrating so it can have full data on the items to produce, the evaluating framework, methods of promoting among different characteristics of the market.â This is a costly procedure, and if not done proficiently, it may prompt the failure of another firm to enter the current market. Because of the high idea of the costs, this may be restraining to firms which don't have the fundamental assets and technology.â However, in instances of acquisitions, for example by TPS Connection Plc, the organization that is being gained as of now has significant data available division and trends.â It along these lines turns out to be generally simpler for TPS organization to enter the market utilizing the accessible data from the procured company.â It is essential to take note of that in any case, TPS needs to do look into all alone, yet this will be less troublesome and will devour lesser assets when contrasted with a situation where it was executing a greenfield speculation.  Another chance that is diminished is the precise hazard that may happen in specific pieces of the world, or certain markets.â For example, there is at present clash that is going on among Palestine and Israel.â The biggest brunt of the war is felt by Palestine, and it very well may be said that organizations in this nation are confronting an efficient risk.â Firms in this nation with premiums in remote nations can be said to have decreased their hazard through diversification.â They can depend on the benefits from the outside firms in a period like this, when their benefits are inclined to decreasing.â This is one hazard that an obtaining lessens, and TPS Connection Plc should utilize a securing as a type of entering the Chinese and Indian markets so as to diminish the deliberate hazard through expansion. Production of riches through acquisitions. There are a few organizations that have embraced acquisitions which have demonstrated to decrease chances and improve the abundance of shareholders.â Hindalco is one such organization, and it gained Novelis Inc, which is an organization that manages aluminum and is situated in Canada.â Since the two organizations had a huge market nearness, the mix of assets, dissemination channels, altruism and piece of the pie guaranteed that Hindalco fabricated a solid market presence.â This nearness is felt in practically all landmasses of the world. Formation of investor riches is accomplished through the accompanying advantages of acquisitions.â The principal advantage is more prominent worth age, and this implies an organization that attempts an obtaining or merger is probably going to accomplish higher incentive when contrasted with both individual firms.â This is clarified by the way that an organization that embraces a procurement is bound to create a higher investor esteem that is a lot bigger than the all out number of portions of the individual organizations. Another advantage that emerges from acquisitions and which is probably going to expand the abundance of investors is the additions in showcase share.â This advantage can be all around delineated when a firm is confronting difficulties in the market.â In such a situation, a procurement particularly by another firm which has a solid nearness in the market, is probably going to make the more fragile firm experience more prominent degrees of cost productivity and competitiveness.â For this situation, there are two recipients to the obtaining; the frail organization profits by disposal of its market issues, while the joint organization profits by a bigger portion of the market. A third advantage of a securing which is predictable with the riches creation objective of an organization is the cost effectiveness gain.â This advantage is acknowledged through economies of scale benefits that are acknowledged from acquisitions and mergers.â Such advantages incorporate simplicity of raising capital, sharing of assets by the two firms, progression of limits from mass buys among other benefits.â Other advantages remember increment for creation because of the obtaining, which at that point prompts the decrease of the creation expenses of individual units.â Increase in productivity can likewise be accomplished through sharing of technology.â In the Hindalco procurement, this firm increased valuable innovation from Novelis Inc., which a few specialists gauge would have taken 10 years to create. The fourth advantage that can be credited to the acquisitions and mergers is the decrease in the organization costs.â This happens because of the sharing of built up assets between the two firms.â For example, when a firm enters another market through a procurement, it doesn't spend a lot of assets setting up the various divisions that are required for operations.â Instead, a firm will utilize the current branches of the new firm that is being obtained. A fifth advantage of a securing which TPS Connection Plc would appreciate is the expansion in worldwide presence.â When this firm gets an organization which has a solid brand name, its essence will be felt in the market, which would draw in more customers to the company.â When Hindalco, an India based organization procured Novelis, a huge Canada based aluminum organization, this expanded the worldwide nearness of the previous (ICFAI Center for Management Research 2007: 6).â This was accomplished through consolidating the qualities of the two organizations and their dissemination arrange, subsequently guaranteeing that it had a nearness in practically all landmasses of the world.â All these advantages either help to build income or decline costs, which is steady with the objective of an organization of expanding the abundance of the investors. Appraisal of the choice to contribute utilizing FDI. The choice to put resources into these nations utilizing FDI is a result of the advantages that are available in this type of investment.â This choice emerges out of numerous components that are available in the nations where these organizations look to invest.â For example, when TPS Connections Plc is surveying the sort of speculation to embrace while entering the Chinese and Indian markets, it will be guided by some factors.â Some of these variables incorporate the macroeconomic states of these business sectors, for example, the advantages that outside speculators gain.â Other elements incorporate the idea of the opposition and the accessible types of financing.â However, in totality, a portion of the primary factors that make FDI a great type of venture are examined underneath; The primary explanation begins from the way that country states for the most part support FDI in their countries.â This is because of a few advantages that such states receive from the FDI. One reward remembers the expansion for income for the host country.â In any nation, financial development is expanded through investments.â This builds the buying intensity of inhabitants of the nation because of the expansion of earnings inferable from monetary growth.â The increment in buying power prompts the expansion popular for servi

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Managing a Full Plate

Managing a Full Plate Transitioning from first to second semester has actually been pretty refreshing in these last few weeks. In my last post, I uploaded a picture of my schedule. Compared to first semester, I now have more classes, more homework, and more responsibilities. Although the amount of time I spend on school has definitely increased, I could not be happier with how life is going in these first few weeks. Today was my first midterm of second semester in differential equations. I walked out of the exam room confident and ready for my chemistry midterm this Wednesday. Other than classes being in full swing with psets and midterms starting up, I also started my job at TSR^2 (Talented Scholars Resource Room.) I mentioned this at the end of my last post that I had gotten the job, but I am now through the training and have completed two one-on-one tutoring appointments now. I am a teaching assistant/resource for students in 8.02 (Electricity Magnetism), that I just took last semester, so it is all fresh in my mind. I don’t think I’ll ever escape drawing at least one Gaussian surface a week! Academically, it was the best part of my week. It felt great to be back helping people in a subject that I love and am passionate about, and it reminded me of the times in high school when I would stay after school ranting to two or three students about why physics is great. With this new job and new schedule, time has become a more limited resource. I should say I don’t think it is a bad thing. Last semester, I spent a decent amount of time not efficiently. This semester has made me formulate a more effective approach to psetting and managing time outside of lectures and recitations. Last semester, I ended up spending way too much time trying to finish problem sets before we even learned the material for the course. I ended up taking twice as much time solving problems because I would spend half the time teaching myself the material and the other half solving the problem. Then, later that week, I’d find myself in the classroom hearing the same stuff I had already went over prior. This semester, I have eliminated that. Although sometimes I feel like, “AHH there is still half the pset to do and only two days until it is due!” (Literally me with Real Analysis as we speak) I end up learning the material in lecture in that timespan and then can knock out the problems in no time. I now spend about half the time psettting that I did last semester, but I feel that I am learning the material a lot more in depth and in a more effective method that allows for my limited time to be used elsewhere or reaffirming my understanding for other concepts that were a;ready taught. I’ve also started headed to office hours for both Physics and Real Analysis as the psets for these two classes in particular tend to be shorter but with more mentally challenging problems to complete. It really has helped me a lot for Real Analysis since I have never written proofs formally before this class, so it is a whole new methodology to try and master this semester. Who knew that proving such trivial things would be such a hassle! Other than the fact that my plates full of three jobs and five classes, my plate is also full with food, hence the title of this blog post! With my weeks jam packed, I tend to really enjoy the weekends. Luckily, I have a girlfriend who loves eating food as much as I do, and we have made it a tradition at this point to try new places for dinner every friday night and breakfast/brunch (normally it ends up being brunch cause sleep is not for the weak, it is for those who just made it through five days of academic hell) on Saturday morning. It is extremely rewarding and like a destressing process after the week to just have that time to relax and indulge in delivered chinese food and Black Mirror at Next House, or mixing it up and eating out at a nice Italian restaurant in the North End. It makes me appreciate these moments more knowing all the work that was done throughout the week. In the last month, I have gotten some amazing pancakes from The Paramount, an egg sandwich from Mike and Pattys, and some egg burrito thing this week from a place a few subway stops north. I mean look at some of this food! Credits to Chloe for these pictures because my phone’s camera is the epitome of android quality, and she takes much artsy-er photos. This semester has really brought a good balance to my life when I think about it. Although I am almost in a constant state of doing something, everything I am doing is something I am passionate about and actually want to be doing. I feel like I am wasting barely any time. Working my butt off through the weekdays makes the weekends of lounging around on Friday and Saturday, exploring new places for food, and picking out fruit at Haymarket just that much more enjoyable. I am really enjoying not only what I am learning but life in general this semester, and I can fully say I am satisfied where I am here both mentally and physically. Post Tagged #18.100 Real Analysis #8.02 Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism #TSR^2

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A Report On The Mosque - 1474 Words

ZERODERICK WILLIAMS KEVIN MORGAN HUMANITIES EAST-WEST FINAL ESSAY RESPONSES A The most recent mosque created by the ottomans was the Yildiz Mosque located in the neighborhood of BeÅŸiktaÅŸ district in Istanbul, Turkey, on the way to YÄ ±ldÄ ±z Palace. The mosque was commissioned by Abdul Hamid II, and constructed around 1884 and 1886. In comparison the hypo mosque relatively small dome also appears over the area in front of the mihrab. The arch in Umayyad architecture is primarily round in shape, although the pointed arch, which becomes predominant in later periods, makes a limited appearance (The Umayyads). The earliest known writing in the Mayan script dates from about 250 BC, but the script is thought to have developed at an earlier date. The writings of the alphabet were symbols or pictures. The symbols are called logograms which are divided in about 550 parts. The second part that makes up is called syllabograms, and about 300 glyphs were commonly used. The Mayan Civilization occupied the eastern third of Mesoamerica. The top lands were near vo lcanos and the lowlands were made of limestone located in the central and northern regions (Maya Civilization). The Mayans had an elaborate calendrical system, no longer in use, which obviously evolved in complete isolation from those of the old world. This system ended with the fall of the Mayan civilization. Most of the remaining knowledge of it was destroyed by the Spanish during the conquest. The Mayans have strongShow MoreRelatedField Report : Mosque And The Mosque1039 Words   |  5 Pages Field Report: Mosque Visit For this paper, I decided to attend a service at the Masjid An Nur, which according to their website means â€Å"Mosque of the Light† located on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis. I decided to go to a mosque and experience an Islamic service because being someone who was raised Catholic, attending an Islamic service would be an eye-opening experience for me and give me a perspective on the Islamic religion that I didn’t have before. Before going, I decided to research a bit aboutRead MoreAnalysis Of Muslims In The Face Of The Media715 Words   |  3 Pagesthe alphabetically sorted list. CNN articles yielded a word count of 4172. The most frequently used words are the center, Muslims, Islamic, York, and mosque. These five most frequently appearing words show that the CNN articles collected mainly focused on the motion to build the Islamic center and mosque in New York. It is apparent that the mosque is the central theme of the articles because there were several articles that focused on other issues surrounding Muslims including Americans who actedRead MoreExploratory Report Example977 Words   |  4 PagesXXXXXXXXX Exploratory Report Stake-Holders: People/Entities The conflict of the Ground Zero mosque has become one of the fiercest religious based debates in recent years. One of the most influential men in the debate is Feisal Abdul Rauf. Rauf is the Imam (leader in prayer) at the current New York City mosque just a few blocks away from the proposed location of the future mosque. He has put a lot of time and money into this proposed mosque and does not plan to give up on it. Another key person inRead MoreMuslim Immigrants And The United States871 Words   |  4 Pagesstrangers on the st reet; mosques and Islamic centers across the country frequently report vandalism. During the 1990s the attacks on people and places of worship received little attention from the mainstream press, despite the fact that a number of mosques were destroyed by arson across the United States in places like Yuba City, California, Springfield, Illinois, and Greenville, South Carolina. Such incidents have only increased in recent years, adding to the list mosques in Murfreesboro, TennesseeRead MoreA Comparison Of The Great Mosque Of Cordoba And Cathedral Of Santa Maria1249 Words   |  5 Pages A COMPARISON OF THE GREAT MOSQUE OF CORDOBA AND CATHEDRAL OF SANTA MARIA, LEON Yvette Cordova ARTH 306: Medieval Art March 10, 2015 The Great Mosque of Cordoba is an Islamic house of worship in Spain. The facade of the building is boxlike, grey and has a rectangular plan. The roof is a series of triangular shaped rows parallel throughout the space, except for the center of the building, which has what appears to be a second story that goes up twice as high as the triangularRead MoreEssay On Western Media1288 Words   |  6 Pageswere exiting a Mosque in London after evening prayer was over. The horrific event attained global coverage from various media outlets, but surprisingly enough each news source reports on the incident in a different manner, despite having similar content. I will be analyzing four different media stations, two United States media outlets: The New York Times and NPR, and two British media outlets: The Guardian and The Telegraph. From the four media stations The New York Times reports a great detailRead MoreThe Practical, Psychological, Economical, Physical Impacts Made by 9/111444 Words à ‚  |  6 Pagesa Muslim. According to a FBI report, hate crime incidents targeting people and institutions that identified with the Islamic faith increased from 28 in 2000 to 481 in 2001. Mosques were attacked as well as other religious buildings, including a Hindu temple, which was hit with a firebomb. A sign that tempers and fear havent cooled over the years was the recent battle over what has been referred to as the Ground Zero mosque. In reality, Park51 is neither a mosque nor is it located at GroundRead MoreIs Islamophobia Is Becoming A Problem That Be Addressed By All Muslims And Non Muslims?1304 Words   |  6 Pageshold bombs in their backpack. Even the holy places where Muslims practice their prayers and worship has been attacked like what happened in one of Texas’s mosques it was sabotaged, and pages from the Quran were torn. Also there were incidents of verbal and social media threats made against mosques in Houston and Tampa Bay. In Nebraska, a mosque was also vandalized. In Florida, shots were fired at a Muslim s home. Even this fear of Muslims reached to Christians, a Christian driver in North CarolinaRead MoreAmericas Changes Due to 9/111564 Words   |  7 PagesAccording to the FBI report, hate crime incidents targeting people and institutions that identified with the Islamic faith increased from 28 in 2000 to 481 in 2001. Mosques were attacked as well as other religious buildings, including a Hindu temple, which was hit with a firebomb. The recent battle over what has been referred to as the Ground Zero mosque was a sign that opinions havent changed and emotions havent cooled much in the last ten years. In reality, the Ground Zero mosque, officially namedRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Islam Phobia1223 Words   |  5 Pagesanti-Muslim hate crimes, which such actions increased with the installment of the current president Donald Trump. As stated in an article,† The growth has been accompanied by a rash of crimes targeting Muslims, including an arson that destroyed a mosque in Victoria, Texas; just hours after the Trump 2 administration announced an  executive order suspending travel from some predominantly Muslim countries. The latest FBI statistics show that hate crimes against Muslims grew by 67 percent in 2015

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The Contributions of Nicolo Machiavelli and John Locke to...

The Contributions of Nicolo Machiavelli and John Locke to Political Thought In political thought, there have been many people that have progressed political theory. Nicolo Machiavelli and John Locke are two of those famous individuals. The research here will be focused on them. Each Machiavelli and John Locke support a different political theory. At first, the background and relevant contexts will be discussed. Each person has written something that has influenced modern political thought. Nicolo Machiavelli’s The Prince and John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government. Liberalism contained in Locke’s work will be explored in addition to the realism contained in The Prince. These two writings were chosen†¦show more content†¦Machiavelli stated that if the actions of the state it is justifiable if it benefits the state’s self-interest or survival (Machiavelli, 1532). Machiavelli writings on the Prince dealt with polit ical reality, and Machiavelli stressed living in political realities as opposed to idealism . Machiavelli’s views have influenced what is called classical realism and even the political landscape of the late 1800s (Thayer, 1892). The ideology presented in The Prince still continues to influence modern political thought, especially realism. Machiavelli’s ideology is an opponent to Locke’s Second Treatise in which some principles of liberalism are found. John Locke was from England, and is one of the most famous enlightened thinkers from the 17th century. John Locke in addition to being a famous philosopher was also an accomplished physician. He was born in 1632 and died 1702. Locke advocated for the separation of church and state, being one of the first advocates of secularism (Milton, 2008). His work, The Second Treatise of Civil Government, even influenced the founders of the United States almost a century later, and even includes direct influence in the drafting of The Declaration of Independence (Milton, 2008). In his most famous work, Locke also advocates for the right to personal private property. One of the main principles brought forth in his work is that rights of property regarding the individual come before the right of the government. HeShow MoreRelatedMain Theories Of Major Political Thinkers Essay3882 Words   |  16 PagesIntroduction: Major political thinkers provide so many theories about forms of state and government, qualities of citizens and qualities of rulers as well as about social and economic development of a state. They also provide anticipation about how the political situation of the world may be changed with the change of decades. Their intention behind the giving of these theories was to give an idea about a refined form of state and government. But all theories of major political thinkers cannot beRead MoreGlobal Politics Essay6696 Words   |  27 Pageslargely due to the globalised, interdependent nature of the current international political environment that the concepts of sovereignty and power deserve further evaluation. The exercise of authority and power are facts as old as time, throughout the ages men have tried to explain and understand how and why political authority is organised. Sovereignty is a concept used to explain political power, to attempt to understand the complex interactions that take place as man

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Attitudes Towards Test Tube Babies Free Essays

Attitudes towards Test Tube Babies [pic] Name of Student: Yuhan Huang (Sheley) AE teacher: Michelle Crockford AE Class: February 4 Abstract The objective of this report is to present the attitudes and ideas shared by International Education Services Limited (IES) students and students from the university of Queensland (UQ) in relation to their knowledge and personal opinions concerning Invitro fertilization The survey used data collected from male and female students between the ages of 15 and 30 living in the State of Queensland. The participants were given 20 questions to answer in privacy and without any degree of pressure. The questions related to their personal details and to the IVF program in particular. We will write a custom essay sample on Attitudes Towards Test Tube Babies or any similar topic only for you Order Now The aim of the investigation was to gather an overall point of view as to whether IVF was indeed seen as an accepted type of program among this age group. In conclusion it is reasonable to think that another survey with an older more experienced age group would more likely give a variation in results. Because this selected age group were students, their knowledge and experience directly with IVF was limited. However, it is important to recoginse the opinions of youth as they are the future generation of adults. Introduction In recent years, babies conceived through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) have been a topic of moral discussion around the world. This form of reproduction is not considered a natural and acceptable way of giving birth in some people’s eyes. Many infertile couples in particular, rely on this new technology since it allows them the choice of having their baby using this method. In-vitro fertilization is defined by, â€Å"a process by which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb (Papanikolaou et al. 006)†. The definition of a test tube baby is one which is the result of a female ovary or egg having been fertilised with a male sperm inside a test tube, the resulting impregnated egg is implanted in the uterus of a female, growing into a foetus and developing baby by the time of birth. (Muffin, 2007). According to Walsh (2008), three million test tub e babies have been born throughout the world in this way so far, and this number continues to increase at a rate of eleven thousand each year. In 1978, the world’s first successful â€Å"test-tube† baby, Louise Brown, was born in Great Britain. The baby girl weighed five-pound 12- ounces and was delivered early via Caesarean section. The process had been a success; this process proved Dr. Steptoe and Dr. Edwards had accomplished the first of many test tube babies (Rosenberg, 1970). In Australia, the first test tube baby, Candice Elizabeth Reed, was born in 1980 (Screen Australia, 1982). Infertility afflicts thousand’s of married couples feeling frustration at being childless. In India, there is an infertility clinic which provides moral, emotional and the most advanced technical support for couples wishing to solve their fertility issues. However, the religion of Islam is totally against IVF and has been banned by the by Islamic Fiqh Council (1986). In addition, they thought that in-vitro fertilization was unlawful because it could result in confusion with regard to parentage (Islamic Perspective, 2007). Prior to the birth of the first test tube babies such as Louise Brown, people worldwide were hesitant to use this method thinking that there could be risks involved. However, in time the health and well being of those babies born through IVF programs have proven to the world that this method is indeed safe. Hence the fears have almost disappeared. However, many people still have many misconceptions about a test tube baby and some countries do not allow the manufacturing of test tube babies. If a baby can be created in a test tube, then infertile couples stand a better chance of having a family then by other means. The aim of this report is to examine the attitudes of people towards the adoption of in vitro-fertilization. This paper will first discus the methodology and select the survey question from this research, then a summary of the questionnaire results will be introduced,   followed by a discussion, conclusion and recommendations. Method In this report, quantitative methodology was chosen for this research. Because of the complexities associated with unstructured interview technique and time constraints. A questionnaire was designed to examine the different opinions of International Education Services Limited (IES) and University of Queensland (UQ) students attitude towards the adoption of in vitro-fertilization (refer Appendix A). The main types of questions asked included; those about personal details and personal experiences together with questions on people’s points of view about in–vitro fertilization. There were 30 students who were all volunteers. 10 out of participants were male and 20 of them were female. The students were chosen randomly from state library and UQ library all full time students between the ages of 15 to 30. Religion, political affiliation and socio-economic status were considered unimportant. Confidentiality was ensured by not recording names. Questionnaires were completed by students and the data was then collated and analysed. The questionnaire was limited by the fact that many of the participants were too young to have had any real personal experience in dealing with IVF, however some were able to relate to friends or family who had used the IVF program successfully. Some of the participants only vaguely knew any of factual or historical knowledge about IVF. The interest that the questionnaire generated among participants and their honest and forthright answers proved to be a bonus as far as the questionnaire was concerned. Interpretation of Results Questions 1 and 2 were basic and asked about personal knowledge of in vitro-fertilization (IVF) and test-tube babies. The participants generally have heard about IVF. There are about 83. 3% students know about this topic as can be seen in the results, the ridiculous thing is that there are five students who have never heard of IVF, but one of them knew the process involved in making a test-tube baby. Questions 3 to 13 were probing and in-depth in order to obtain the participant’s sincere and knowledgeable reaction to each question. It was rewarding to see that so many agreed with the IVF program and its aims and benefits. In addition, a high percentage of participants were neutral about many of these questions. This could have meant that they really didn’t know a great deal about IVF or weren’t sure of the answer. Questions 14 through to 19 extended the questioning into the sphere of Government funding. Here 70% of males and 80% of females believed that the Government should provide funding for the IVF program. 6 months to 1 year in Question 18 seems a short time time for most to choose, however this would reflect the experience of the participants. The respondents were generally concerned about this topical issue and its bearing on modern society. They all saw the positive outcome where couples could become happy and have a baby of their own. They concerned themselves with the possibility of defective babies being born. Their eagerness to be involved in the questionnaire showed the openness which they had in being part of the solution to any problem involving IVF. Because their was no influence give by other parties to participants in answering the 20 questions, it can be said that this was a survey with genuine results. Notwithstanding that there were factors which did not fit in exactly with the aim of the survey, such as the young age of some participants along with people having limited knowledge there was sufficient suitable data collected to give a commendable result. The language used in the questionnaire was understood by all participants. Key words such as: in-vitro fertilization, partially, afflicts, infertile, federal funding, prohibitive, DNA did not require any explanation, however some Asian students did request help in sentence meanings. Most people showed a basic understanding on what IVF was meant to do; that is to enable pregnancy to take place, surprisingly in the same question, number 16 very few saw any real concern for safety, acknowledging the medical competency that exist with this program. Recommendation As the findings have indicated, most people were concerned with couples having the need to have a baby if they so desired. It would therefore be in the interest of the â€Å"powers to be,† that Government and medical bodies proceed vigorously with greater implementation and assistance for the IVF program. Question 17 showed that most participants saw two important concerns; that of costing, and concern for babies having defects. Both government and medical procedures can overcome these potential barriers with more funding and improved research respectively. It is interesting to note that in question 13, 30% of females strongly disagreed with the concept of the IVF program producing babies as if they were some kind of commodity or product. No males registered any comment. It appears from this statistic that there is no need to educate people further on this ethical side of any argument brought forward. It can be deduced that the data obtained will in some way enlighten readers of this survey, thus strengthening the argument for a continued IVF program existing in the forefront of society for years to come. . The implications of these results are that more research needs to be carried out to provide a more comprehensive understanding of how other age groups see the IVF program. There could also be surveys done involving those of mixed ethnic backgrounds as well as those of different religions and those with ethical and moral demands. Such surveys would need to address a different kind of questioning but it would still be a recommended that can be made here. Researches in the field of Social Science would definitely find this convincing survey beneficial in exploring the human condition surrounding the human condition, be it only for the point of view of 30 young people. How to cite Attitudes Towards Test Tube Babies, Essay examples

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Consultation with Hostile Corporations -Case free essay sample

Lily’s Consultation with Hostile Corporations Summary Lily Advisors, a consulting firm based in Maryland, Washington DC, working with multi-disciplined teams for discrete projects, had a consulting agreement with Green Acres School System in Northern Virginia to resolve some issues arising from the construction of two new high schools. Unseasonable rains, contractor delays, weather issues, disagreements between architects and the school board were some factors contributing to the delays. With his extensive roles and experience, the school board hired Merv, President of Lily’s Advisors, to advise them about how to proceed under their tense circumstances Merv investigated the situation and submitted a confidential document, on the First High School this was in February 1999. The performances to date of Meyerhoff, the main contractor and Stewart and Sons, the architectural firm, were critically evaluated. The major findings were that Stewart and Sons failed to control the scheduling properly and that it was making an unusually large profit for its administrative function. We will write a custom essay sample on Consultation with Hostile Corporations -Case or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Merv was familiar with Stewart Sons and was able to write about their methods of execution. The school board asked Stewart and Sons to renegotiate because of the findings of the report, but gave them the impression that it was based on the construction delays. The content of the report remained undisclosed. After two months of very difficult negotiation, all groups signed an amended contract on June 30, 1999. All major issues were settled and they were able to proceed to the construction of the second high school. The new amended contract had further delays as the groups found that the excessive compromising that was done was becoming irksome. The school board had thought Stewart and Sons was very uncompromising and aggressive. Disagreements continued between the school board and the construction and architectural firms during the next eight months. At this point, Stewart and Sons decided to hire Lily as a consultant. Stewart had worked with Lily before. They met and Merv disclosed that he had submitted an evaluation of the contract to the school board in a document, after making a proposal on September 24, 2000. The negative aspects of the report were never revealed. Sam Shapiro, the architect’s lawyer, contacted Merv about the document submitted and the potential conflict of interest which could arise but Merv denied any conflict of interest. Shapiro and the representatives from Stewart gave Merv a contract to sign for his services on November 8, 2000. The situation further deteriorated during the next 4 months and the school board sued Stewart and Sons. The lawyers representing Stewart and Sons saw the confidential document, as was required by the law. This outraged Stewart and Sons as they viewed the document as impugning the company’s integrity and honesty. Stewart and Sons viewed it as a case of conflict of interest and not one with just the potential. Merv believed otherwise. He explained that he recognized a potential conflict of interest and devised measures to prevent it. Merv was convinced of his flawless strategy and believed he had insulated the teams sufficiently to avoid this and, in any case, the construction of the second school was a new project. Stewart and Sons informed him that they would not pay the $102,500 that was due on the contract. After contemplating the amount of money to be spent on the case, he decided to proceed to prove otherwise.